Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moss Letter

I hope everyone is enjoying your day :) I am currently sitting in my office listening to Christmas music so it has definitely been a successful day! Today's post is about something I made for my wedding (you are getting a sneak peak!). Let's get started.

Here is what you need:
-Wooden Letter (sized to your preference)

***For the moss you can use either sheet moss or bagged moss. Sheet moss is easier to work with but I wanted my letters to have some depth so I used bagged moss

-Hot Glue Gun
-Glue Sticks (ALOT... I used almost a whole package)

*DISCLAIMER: This project is VERY messy. The moss is really easy to sweep up afterwards, but just forewarning :)

This project is as easy as it gets. Take a handful of moss, put some hot glue on the letter, and stick the moss on there. Repeat this until the letter is covered. Easy right?

Here are some tips:
-Only do about a 1 inch x 2-3 inch square at a time. If you do anymore than that your glue will dry to quickly and the moss won't stick very well
-Instead of doing large circles of glue, make long diagonal lines on your square. You want your glue to be spread out, not tall.
-Hold the moss down for about 30 seconds before moving onto the next section, this will ensure optimal sticking!
-Use some regular kitchen sheers to trim the moss a little after you are finished. If you don't do this, your letter will have a moss fro :)

Here is the finished product:

These letters can be placed on a fire place mantle or ribbon can be stapled to the back and they can be hung like a wreath. Look for pictures of these at the wedding :) Happy crafting!

UPDATE: Here is a picture from my wedding of the letters. They looked great against the wood doors. Thanks to Endless Exposures Photography for the picture!


  1. Hi Candice, I look forward to seeing the wedding pictures. I'm sure you're getting excited!! You've been really busy and you have varied interests, all of which look fun! I like your blog already; keep enjoying and sharing!