About Me

Hi all! I'm so glad you have decided to be a part of my blog!

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world (sorry ladies, its true) and am a graduate student in school psychology. I love to learn and enjoy school, but I also enjoy cooking and anything DIY. My wedding was my first opportunity to be a true DIY-er and I have been hooked ever since (view our wedding video here to get some ideas)! I am also a BIG animal lover. Anyone that knows me, knows that what I just said is actually an understatement :) Below is a picture of my babies, the best dogs in the world!

My goal for this blog is to make everything and anything from home. I believe that anyone can cook or be a DIY-er if they have the proper guidance and I am hoping to provide that. Also, most of my recipes are quick and easy which is a must in the life of a graduate student.

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  1. Hey!! What a beautiful couple! I haven't watched your wedding video yet, but I plan to do so. I just happened upon your blog and I am hooked! You seem like such a fun person and I appreciate you sharing all of your projects on here for us fellow DIY peeps!! I too am recently married (March 10, 2012) and my new name is Williams which I love! In my opinion W is the best last name initial to have...but then again I could be a bit biased lol. So congrats to you on your wedding and I wish you both nothing but the best in your marriage with lifelong love and happiness! Oh and I love animals as well...my husband and I have 2 Pugs both girls and they really are our children. Now that I have rambled on enough I will say God bless and get back to searching your blog.

    1. Ashley, I'm so happy you decided to follow along! I agree with you that W is the best last name initial ;). So glad to have you with us!

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