Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY Succulent Garden

Hey Everyone!

I have decided to start sharing gardening tips and tricks with you because my little garden has been quite successful! This was my first year to try my hand at gardening and it has worked out really well!

Today I'm sharing with you how to make a succulent garden. Succulents are pretty much the cutest little plants in the world. They are so tiny but have so much character at the same time. When I was buying mine the cashier had never seen them and though they were precious! My hubby was gone all week in Vegas (lucky!) so I decided to do a little project as a treat to myself. I'm so glad I picked this!

I have been wanting to make one of these for awhile but I was nervous about it until I saw this tutorial from Kala over at My Breezy Room. She made it look so easy so I knew I could do it! The project ended up taking about 5 minutes total to complete and it has already added so much character to our house. I can't wait to make another!

Succulents like bright indirect light so find a nice window to put them in after you make them. If you put them out directly in the sun it will scorch them because they are very fleshy plants. They are also really easy to take care of, all they need is a little water when the soil gets dry (about once a week). In the winter you will want to take that down to about once a month in order to prevent root rot.

-Glass planting pot/dish (I got mine in the wedding section, I think it's actually for floating candles but whatev)

Sorry all the pictures are kind of dark, I did this at night. Here is a picture of the glass pot I used:

I forgot to get a picture of the succulents before I planted them, sorry about that.

To make this little beauty, simply fill your pot with a small amount of soil to cover to bottom of the pot.

Next, place your succulents in one by one. You can use as many or as few as you like, but I wanted my pot to look full. I also tried to chose succulents that looked different to give the pot some dimension. It was fun picking them out, Walmart had about 20 different one to chose from! Here is a picture half way through:

Finally, fill in the spaces around the plants to make the soil even and water slightly to moisten the soil.

Isn't that so cute?! The little tiny cactus in the front is my favorite. The picture doesn't even do this thing justice because the little succulents are so cute and have so much detail.

I hope you enjoy making your own succulent garden, I can't wait to make another one!


  1. I'm just now seeing this! Thanks for the shout out. I may have killed my cactus already (is that even possible?) But the other do are doing well. I also gave them some drugs (plant food) to make them perk up, which helped a bit. Yours look great!

  2. Thanks! My cat took a big bite out of my cactus so I'm not sure if it's going to make it either. In the past I have accidentally killed cactus' by watering them to much so that could be the culprit. Good luck!