Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mesquite BBQ Chicken (Crockpot)

As you all may have noticed, I have been quite the busy little bee with grad school lately. When you are busy, who doesn't like a really quick recipe?! Seriously, this recipe take about 1 minute to put together, and then about 10 minutes or less in prep time right before you eat... AND you can put the meat in still frozen. This is my kind of meal! Another great part, there are only 3 ingredients (4 if you are making a sandwich or baked potato)! :) Grab your crockpots and lets make some food!

This makes about 6 servings, but if you are by yourself, just use less chicken, sauce, etc. I usually put this on when I leave for work and school in the morning and it is ready when I get home.

3 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or 6 small), still frozen
18 oz. bottle Mesquite BBQ Sauce
1 packet dry ranch dressing

To make this, pour your BBQ sauce and dry ranch into the crockpot and mix together (I usually put a little water in my BBQ sauce bottle after I pour it in to get the remaining sauce out and add some moisture, it comes out to about 1/4 cup). Next throw your chicken in there and coat it in your sauce. Put your lid on and set your chicken to cook on low for 6-8 hours (or on high for 3-4 hours). Here is what your chicken should look like before cooking:

Once your chicken is done, take two forks, shred it, and then throw it back into the sauce. Since it's cooked in the crockpot it will literally just fall apart. Here is what your finished product looks like:

YUM!!! I usually put it on sandwiches the first night we have it and then the next night cook some baked potatoes and have it on top with some sour cream. This time I splurged and I bought some of those nice Hawaiian bread buns, they were good!

Happy Cooking
& Enjoy!!


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