Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cream Cheese Appetizer

Hey Everyone! I have missed you lately (hopefully you have missed me!). I started my master's internship so things around my house have been CRAY-CRAY (I learned this word from a women I started working -with.... I think she might be "cray-cray"). I'm still relatively busy adjusting to my new schedule so today's post will be quick! Even though its quick, anyone who has had this appetizer/dessert/party food/deliciousness knows its not lacking anything in flavor. You can hardly call it a recipe because it takes about 60 seconds to "make" but you will be glad you did.

Don't be dismayed by the directions. It sounds a little weird but I promise you that you will be in love. My hubby gave me weird looks about trying it because he thought it "sounded weird" but then he kept coming back for more. I don't know why he still doubts me!

8 oz. block or cream cheese (or neufchatel cheese)
1 jar jalapeno berry jelly (pick any variety you like! You can find it at any store, you may just have to ask where!)
box of wheat thins

To make this, put your cream cheese on a plate and cover it in the jelly. Next arrange your wheat thins around the block to make it look pretty (please make it prettier than mine... I was in a hurry).

That's it! Use your wheat thins to scrape up a little jelly and some cream cheese and ENJOY... unless you aren't ready for this jelly (I don't think you're ready for this jelly!).... sorry I had to. :) If you don't get that reference then never mind, just go eat your food.


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