Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Spaghetti" Noodles

So let me start out by saying this idea is not original by any means. I totally copied it from Pinterest... just not sure where. I tried to look for the original post but couldn't ever find it so if you are out there, I'm crediting you!

I decided to do this post because despite the overwhelming impact that Pinterest has had on cooking, a lot of people still don't know about this little trick. What is this trick you ask? Using squash in place of pasta noodles! Don't go running just yet, hear me out.

I think we all can agree that replacing breads and pastas with a vegetable is a good idea (even better for your waste line) but the problem is making it taste good. A ton of people don't like vegetables, ESPECIALLY squash. Spaghetti squash is a type of squash that looks exactly like spaghetti noodles (hints the name) and is loaded with a bunch of nutrients such as folic acid, potassium, vitamin A, and beta carotene. Now that's all great but what about the taste? To me, it honestly didn't have much different of a taste than pasta. Besides, when you make spaghetti or alfredo sauce, your noodles are covered anyways. Even if you detest the taste it will be masked by your lovely Pasta Sauce or Alfredo Sauce. The only "drawback" I have found is the texture. The texture of spaghetti squash is more like hash browns than pasta. It's a little different the first couple bites you take but after that, I didn't even notice it anymore.

Most of this recipe is waiting time, it requires very little actual preparation! The "noodles" also keep very well so if you are wanting something quick that for dinner when you get home from work, make the noodles in advance during the weekend when you have more time.

-Spaghetti Squash (below is a picture to help you find it at the grocery store)
-Olive Oil
-Seasonings of your choice (I usually go for some basil, parsley, minced onions, garlic, & cilantro)

To begin, preheat your oven to 375. Next, cut your spaghetti squash in half and take out the middle seeds. This process is very similar to what you do when cutting up a cantaloupe.

Next, brush olive oil onto your spaghetti squash and sprinkle it with the seasonings you chose. Then pop it in the oven for an hour.
Before cooking:

After cooking:

Now take a fork and start pulling at the flesh of the squash with it. The squash should easily come apart in little strings that look exactly like spaghetti.

Once you have gotten all the squash strings out, put it on a plate and cover it with sauce. It's that simple!

YUM! We made ours with ground turkey breast and the pasta sauce recipe I posted a while back. An even healthier way to enjoy this would be to use the cauliflower alfredo recipe I posted as your sauce.

Good luck on your healthy eating endeavors!


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