Monday, January 7, 2013

Anniversary Weekend & Many Thanks

How is everyone doing this fine Monday morning? I'm doing great, and let me tell you why.

Yesterday was the official taste tester & I's first wedding anniversary. We spent the weekend at the hotel we stayed at on our wedding night and visited each one of our favorite restaurants, including the one we had our rehearsal dinner at. Through out the weekend, we mostly spent our time just talking and planning out our dream home that we hope to one day live in. Last night, we ended the weekend by eating the top of our wedding cake and drinking some sparkling Cranberry juice. :) It was the perfect weekend with the perfect man and we are so happy to have been married one year.

Another thing we discussed is the fact that we have been blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives. We have a great support system that continually encourages us and we are so thankful. We wanted to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge all of you and everything you do. None of your hard work goes unnoticed and we love you!

We can't wait to spend the next year and many more to come together and we hope all of you can remain apart of our lives. You are a wonderful blessing to us! In closing, I'd like to include a couple pictures to highlight our year together. Hope you enjoy!

This is us on our wedding day:

This is on our honeymoon:

This is us at an Astros Game... our presence did not help their record:

6th month anniversary dinner date:

This is us at a Carnival, on the Ferris Wheel:

Seeing Eve 6 in concert (and getting a signed CD!!)

The many SHSU games we attended:

Halloween (I was a peacock and Daniel was Brutus):

Our first anniversary cruise:

First Anniversary Weekend:


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