Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Fabric Softener

Day 2 of our laundry series and more importantly, it's FRIDAY!!! I will miss you over the weekend, but I do enjoy my time off. Today we will be making Fabric Softener, you can see the Laundry Soap (Day 1) here. This recipe was also sent to me by my Aunt Linda. It's a lot easier to make than the laundry soap. In fact, it takes about 2 minutes or less! Also, the vinegar in it will also help your clothes be cleaner and fresher, so it's a win-win!

3 cups white vinegar
3 cups cold water
18 oz. Hair conditioner in the scent of your choosing (what do you want your clothes to smell like?)
Bottle for storage (I used an old 2L Sprite bottle and the size was perfect)

Tip: If you can't find that exact size of hair conditioner bottle, just use something around that size. I think conditioner comes in 15 oz. and 22 oz. bottles, either one would work. Also, any type of conditioner will work, I went for the cheapest one I could find!

To start (and finish!) Pour your vinegar, water, and conditioner into your bottle and shake to mix. See? This is so easy! Shake each time before using and use 1/4 cup per load. Here is a couple pictures of the finished product:


I have also included a printable below to use as a label. I applied mine with clear packing tape so that it would be protected from water. Here is a picture of the laundry soap and fabric softener side-by-side, looks pretty snazzy:


To use the printable:
1. Right click on picture and select "Copy"
2. In a word document, right click and select "Paste"
3. Size picture to fit your bottle size
4. Print!


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